Why Tiere Pet Wipes are perfect for your Pets’ care and wellness


Pets need your love and care like no other – after all, they are a part of the family. At Papier we understand this relationship very well, which is why our Tiere Pet Wipes have been created keeping every single need of your pet in mind. Tiere Pet Wipes are a safe and convenient answer to so many situations that you encounter as a pet-owner, and it has been intuitively designed to be gentle but effective.

Here are the varied uses of Tiere Pet Wipes

1. After taking the pet out for a walk

2. In case of any food spills and if the pets coat has become dirty

3. If the pet has been mixing around with other pets or animals, especially if they are sick

4. To clean up the pets coat if the pet has vomited or defecated

5. To cool down the pet during summers or if the pet is feeling uncomfortable due to the weather

6. If you are in need of giving the pet a cold shower and if water or facility is not available (eg. during travel)

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