Freshen Up Wet Wipes

  • Freshen-Up-Wipes-Lemon-fragrance-Wet-Tissues-Papier
  • Freshen-Up-Wipes-Lemon-fragrance-Wet-Tissues-Papier
  • Freshen-Up-Wipes-Lemon-fragrance-Wet-Tissues-Papier
  • Freshen-Up-Wipes-Lemon-fragrance-Wet-Tissues-Papier

Freshen Up Wet Wipes(10 Hygiene Wipes)


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Papier Freshen Up Wipes (24 x 7 Freshen Up wipes) are meant for multi-purpose quick clean ups.

Features of Papier Freshen Up Wet Wipes

Papier Freshen Up Wipes are your every-day companions who help you keep refreshed all day long. Ideal for all general purposes, especially while outdoors or travelling, they are made under strict and hygienic conditions. It contains no harmful chemicals and preservatives. Designed with microwavable pouch for heating and use in winters, Papier Freshen Up Wipes contain Cologne or natural extracts like Lemon, Aloe Vera, Cucumber for cooling and cleansing. As it is a single-use product, one can be assured of no cross-contamination while usage.

Packaging options

  • Pack of 10s
  • Single packs
  • Wipe size : 15 cms x 20 cms


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