Plantain Leaf Cleanser Wipes

  • Plantain-Leaf-Cleanser-Wipes-Papier-Creations
  • Plantain-Leaf-Cleanser-Wipes-Papier-Creations
  • Plantain-Leaf-Cleanser-Wipes-Papier-Creations

Plantain Leaf Cleanser Wipes(100 Hygiene Wipes)


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The Plantain Leaf Cleanser Wipes are meant for a quick clean up of your Plantain leaf or food serving surface before a meal, contains triple distilled R.O. water only.

Features of Papier Plantain Leaf Cleanser Wipes

  • Contains no chemicals or preservatives
  • Made specially to clean plantain leaves prior to a meal
  • Contains triple distilled R.O. water only
  • Economical packing and easy to use
  • Easy to use, saves water and handy


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