Baby Wipes – MIA

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Baby Wipes – MIA(40 / 80 Hygiene Wipes)


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MIA Baby Wipes made from the best available non woven tissue and natural extracts.

MIA Baby Wipes are made from quality tissue fabric with Poly and Viscose. These wipes are manufactured under strict and hygienic conditions and continuously monitored for quality at every stage. The product is absolutely safe for use on gentle Baby and toddler skin. It contains high quality essential oils and natural extracts, meant to enhance the soothing properties

Baby Wipes Components
Glycerin, Phenoxy Ethanol, Emulsifiers, Natural Extracts Fragrances and Aqua

Rs. 99/- for Pack of 40s | Rs. 149/- for Pack of 80s

Features of MIA Baby Wipes

A baby’s skin needs the softest and the safest handling through the early years. At Papier Creations we perfectly understand this and have made MIA Baby Wipes to be exactly that and more. Ideal for use on gentle baby skin and toddlers for cleaning up or while changing diapers, it contains no harmful chemicals and preservatives. It also comes with a microwavable pouch for heating and use in winters. MIA Baby Wipes is infused with natural oils and extracts for soothing irritable skin. Being a single use product, it assures no cross-contamination.

Packaging options

  • Pack of 80s
  • Pack of 40s
  • Wipe size : 15 cms x 20 cms


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