Infant Care | Easy ways to make a safety environment at home for infants


Your toddler pressed his pudgy hands into the mat while crawling, the wobbly cheek pressed against the cushion while dozing off and those tiny fingers held on dearly to the couch handle while attempting to take those first steps. Nothing is going to escape your babe’s reach, but what about the dust and bacteria lingering everywhere? It is not possible to bubble-wrap the environment surrounding your child. Here a couple of things you could try to make the environment a safe haven for infants.

Taintless & Tidy | Tips to clean up

Set up your home in a way that gives ample room for ventilation, that stream of fresh air does play a part in dousing the harshness of chemicals and allergens. With a baby round the corner, are you chalking out a plan for your new home? Have a detailed discussion with your contractor and use building material that is baby friendly.

Brush out those nooks and crannies on a daily basis and be more stubborn than the particulates spread around everywhere. There are several apps to monitor the pollution level- Plume Air Report, Air Quality Index and the Air Quality: Air Visual App are a few of the many apps.

Stop being behind the wheel: Leave the vehicle parked in the garage and switch to walking around with your baby tucked in the crook of your elbow. Sitting in the car is not as safe as it seems, the car fumes are not good for the baby,

Right Baby Care

You planted a kiss on those buttercup cheeks and basked in the sweet smelling baby fragrance. How is their skin so fragrant? Baby skin is ten times thinner than an adults skin, 60 % of anything applied on their skin is directly absorbed in their bloodstream. Hence it is vital to use the right products for your baby.

Papier Creations offers baby wipes are made of imported high grade non woven tissue fabrics. Comprising of essential oils the wipes have soothing properties for the baby’s sensitive skin.

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