Adult Hygiene

Our range includes adult diapers, pull-ups, underpads .... All designed for reliable protection and comfort.

Adult Personal Care Products

A select range designed to enhance hygiene and comfort. Our range includes Delay Wipes, Adult Intimate Wipes etc.

Baby Hygiene

Gentle and effective products for your little one's care. From daily cleaning with baby wipes to skin protection with diaper rash creams, our products are trusted by parents worldwide and are designed specifically for your baby's delicate skin.

Feminine Hygiene Products

A variety of products including maternity pads, menstrual cups, intimate wash etc, all made with high-quality materials for a reliable and comfortable experience which caters to the diverse needs of women of all ages.

HORECA products

Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering products designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Includes Finger Bowl Wipes, Plates Cutlery Wipes, Plantain Leaf Wipes, Washroom Hygiene Wipes, Freshening / Welcome Wipes etc. All made with high-quality materials to enhance the dining experience for guests, our HORECA products are designed for convenience, hygiene, and style

Clean Room Products

Designed for use in controlled environments where contaminants, fabric lint, etc must be minimized. Include wet wipes, dry wipes, etc all made with high-quality materials to meet stringent cleanliness and safety standards. of the pharma, electronics, healthcare industries.

Auto Care Range

Comprehensive range of products designed to keep your vehicle looking its best. Wipes for External body wash Cleaning, Alloy Wheels, Glass panels, Interior Vinyl and Upholstery these wipes are for a quick and easy clean with convenience and quality.

Dental Care

Designed to promote oral hygiene and health, this range includes oral freshening wipes to effectively clean and protect teeth and gums and to remove bad odour.

Pet Care Range

Keep your furry friends happy and healthy. !!! From pet wipes for quick and easy cleaning (fragranced and sensitive), pet dental wipes, Pet Shampoo, Kennel Washes and Pet Conditioner to pet grooming gloves for gentle grooming, our products are designed with your pet's well-being in mind.


Place your bulk orders with Papier Creations for high-quality wet wipes and hygiene products. We offer efficient service and can accommodate custom or private label requests and alterations.

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Continuous Evolution of Capabilities

We continually upgrade its capabilities. We strive to surpass industry standards, providing our clients with top-notch products and services. Our dedication to innovation fuels our pursuit of cutting-edge technologies and practices, keeping us at the forefront of the hygiene sector.

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