5 Reasons why Papier Adult Wipes will be your best ally in Elderly Care


Though most advise you to “Celebrate Ageing”, the truth is far from it in the times that we live in. Of the few who live to enjoy their advanced years as a blessing, there is a significant majority who become partially or entirely dependant in assistance of their daily tasks and routines, due to a decrease in physical vigor and strength. Activities like taking a bath or cleaning oneself up becomes a effort-intensive activity for most, and it is here that safe and convenient alternatives play a part in ensuring quality and comfort.

Papier Adult Wipes are ideal for a quick and hygienic clean up of the entire body, including face, chest, arms, back, legs, genitals etc for the elderly or those on bed rest.

Here are the advantages of using Papier Adult Wipes

1. Papier Adult Wipes have a neutral pH and is free from alcohols and strong chemicals, ensuring safe use on all skin types
2. Proven safe alternative to the conventional Sponge Baths ( French Baths ) for the patients and elderly based on our extensive R & D studies
3. There is absolutely no requirement to have separate bathing lotions, wash cloths, soap and towels handy as it does the work of all without any fuss. The natural plant extracts ( Aloe vera ) infused into the Papier Adult Wipes ensure nurture, rejuvenation and a refreshing experience
4. It saves time and energy compared to the traditional method of Sponge Baths for the patients and the elderly
5. Rinse-free bathing formula ensures absolutely no water needed for cleaning.

To know more about Papier’s Adult Care products, click here.

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